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Skimmers are just lurking around the corner while waiting for their victims as the Christmas season comes.

That is why LDB is here to help you in keeping you safe this BER months!

Follow these tips and be safe against fraudulent acts on ATM:


1. Don't forget to inspect the whole ATM machine before using it.


Skimmers use tiny cameras to capture your PIN number and card readers which scan and store your ATM card information on a magnetic strip. They usually hide these devices on unexpected areas in the ATM machine such as keypad and card slots. With the power of technology, they are able to access your ATM and splurge its amount for their personal use.


2. Take care of your card!

As a mature individual, it is your responsibility to take care of your ATM card. Criminals may use your ATM card to successfully steal your savings. Blocking their access through your card by reporting it to your respective bank could prevent them from accomplishing their crime.


3. Do not trust people easily.

Giving your PIN to anyone is not advisable… even to your closest friends. Skimmers easily grab every opportunity that may come along their way. As much as possible, choose a unique PIN that is difficult to guess.  Discretion of your PIN is necessary for your account’s security.


4. Monitoring your transaction is a must!

Do not forget your transaction receipts after withdrawing to ATM machines. These receipts indicate the remaining balance in your account.  Call your bank right away if you see any strange transactions under your account so that your bank will be able to apply proper measures against skimming.


5.Follow your instincts!

Do not pursue your transaction if you know that it’s not safe. As much as possible, transact only on ATM machines which are located on public or well-lit places such as malls and supermarkets. Be vigilant at your surroundings while making a transaction.


Do not risk your safety and be street-smart! Doing business is better when your welfare is in better hands.



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