Learn how to spot if it’s a phishing email. Be risk aware, here’s a step-by-step guide on how a hacker does a phishing email

Stages of Phishing Email:


Hacker targets the company or person. Using social media networks or other internet sites, he finds employees with access to company data/systems.

2.Social Media links

Following the social media trail, he identifies other people the employee may know. They are your friends and close friends.

3.Fake emails

A fake but recognizable email address is created to impersonate an organization, a colleague or boss.

4. You’ve got mail!

The hacker now sends the email using legitimate channels such as Yahoo and Gmail. Phishing emails will usually address their emails in general terms, they won’t personalise it to you.

5.Spam can!

The email passes the spam filter and arrives at the employee’s inbox looking like it came from an organization they’re trying to fraud.

6. Open sesame!

Normally, a common person wouldn’t really know how to determine a real one from a fake e-mail. Feeling like they know the source, they will of course open and read through it.

7. Think before you click

The link or attachment will be clicked or opened by person who owns the e-mail.

8. Beware of malware

Some opened websites cause credentials to be stolen or a malware to be installed. These will infect the computer/smartphone or network.

9. Through the backdoor

The hacker uses now the backdoor to steal valuable information like bank account details.