LDB Mobile App


You can now go beyond traditional banking with LDB Mobile!

✔ Access all your LDB deposit and loan accounts with real-time balances.
✔ View a detailed transaction ledger for each of your accounts.
✔ Generate QR code to allow anyone to transfer funds to your deposit accounts easily via Instapay. No need to give out your account numbers anymore!
✔ Secure your app access using biometric log-in authentication. One-Time PIN via SMS is also employed during your app registration and every time you register a new device to LDB app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can register to the LDB mobile app?
Access to LDB mobile banking services is currently limited to individual clients. Corporate accounts cannot be accessed through the mobile app for now.
How do I download the LDB Mobile App?
Just click the App Store or Play Store logo above.
How do I register to the mobile app?
Before you can enroll to the mobile app, you need to request for mobile banking activation from your branch of account. Click the "Download Activation Form" button above for further instructions.

Once activated, you may proceed to enrollment in the mobile app. Make sure that you use the same details as your records with LDB.

Why didn't I receive the initial password after my registration?
The initial password is a one-time PIN (OTP) sent to your mobile number that is registered with LDB. Make sure that you have the correct mobile number in LDB's records by checking with your branch of account.
How can I view what I'm typing on the username/password field?
Click the 👁 icon on the right side of the password field to see the username and password in clear text.
Can I log in to the app using fingerprint or FaceID?
On the app's home screen showing the list of all your LDB accounts, click the ☰ icon on the upper-left corner and click "Biometrics Access"
Tap the button green/red to activate/deactivate logging in through biometrics.
How can I view the detailed transactions of my account?
On the app's home screen showing the list of all your LDB accounts, click the account number of the account that you want to review.
A new screen will be displayed showing the transactions sorted from newest to oldest. Keep scrolling down to load older transactions.
What is the use of QR code?
QR code simplifies the process of fund transfer by eliminating the need to type Account Names and Account Numbers. In LDB Mobile app, you can generate a QR code for each of your deposit accounts and send the screenshot of the QR code to anyone who wants to transfer funds to you. They can scan/upload your QR code into their own bank's mobile app.
How can I generate a QR code?
1. Log in to the LDB Mobile App.
2. Click the deposit account number that you want to create a QR code for.
3. Click the ☰ icon on the upper-right corner and click "Display QR"
4. Select "No" if you want to create a QR code without an amount. Otherwise, select "Yes" and input your desired amount.
Is there a way to hide a specific account from showing in the mobile app?
Yes. On the app's home screen showing the list of all your LDB accounts, long-press on the specific account number that you want to hide. Select "Yes" on the next message that will pop up. To unhide hidden accounts, open the side menu by clicking the ☰ icon on the upper-left corner of the app homescreen and click "Display Account". Then, long-press the account number that you want to unhide.
What are the common errors that I may encounter when using the app?

Here are the common errors in the LDB Mobile app and the reasons why you may encounter them:

  • Access Denied: You have entered a wrong username and/or password.
  • Maximum allowed devices reached: You have registered two devices to LDB mobile app and you are trying to register a third device. LDB only allows up to two devices linked to each LDB Mobile account.
  • Password lockout, please try again tomorrow: You have entered a wrong username and/or password for the third time in one day. You may try logging in again on the next day.
  • Please check connection: Your device is not connected to the internet or LDB Mobile app is restricted by your device from accessing the internet.
  • Please update your app: You have an outdated version of LDB Mobile app. Kindly update your app to continue accessing it.
  • Session still active, please logout properly:You may have force-closed the LDB app without logging out. Wait for about three (3) minutes for your session to be automatically disconnected before trying to log in again.
  • You are not allowed to access this device: A LDB Mobile account is registered to a mobile device with activated biometrics authentication and you are trying to log in to that device with a different LDB account. Note that once biometrics authentication is enabled within the LDB app, you can only use one LDB account for that particular device.
  • You may already have registered in the past: The customer details being submitted have already been registered to the mobile app before. Please try resetting your password instead.
What if I forgot my mobile app password?
You can initiate a password reset by clicking "Forgot password" on the mobile app log-in screen. A one-time PIN (OTP) will be sent to you mobile number as your temporary password. You can then create a new password after logging in.
What will I do if I forgot my mobile app username?
There is currently no way to recover your forgotten username. What you can do is to request for deletion of your mobile app registration and to re-register again. To initiate mobile access deletion, fill out the Deactivation Form and send it to your branch of account. Download form here: http://nas.ldb.ph:8001/sharing/eTzWxWpIZ

Use of LDB's mobile app is governed by LDB's Privacy Policy and Mobile Banking Terms and Conditions.