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April 13, 2021
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April 13, 2021

Money-related crimes become rampant as the Christmas season comes. Aside from ATM skimming, offenders have different "modus operandi" in producing counterfeit money in the market.

Be familiar with the security features of genuine bank notes!

Luzon Development Bank is here to help you detect fake money before you make any transactions.

1.Use your sense of touch!

Genuine bills have rough and course texture due to embossed prints while fake ones have smooth surface. The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas intentionally printed the new generation currency to easily distinguish it from counterfeitmoney, even without using money detector.

2.Check the new design.

Make sure that you have the new design of Philippine peson. The bank notes that you possess should have the correct details (color, design, historical value) before doing any transaction. Look for details that are visible to the naked eye like the denomination, portrait and security thread.

3.Don’t forget that real notes have serial numbers.

Serial numbers printed on the Philippine peso bills are usually composed of 1 to 2 prefix letters followed by 6 to 7 random digits in increasing size. The numbers are usually located on the upper right and lower left corners of the banknotes.

4.Looking under the light helps!

Authentic bills bear different hidden security features. When viewed against the light, the word “Filipino” written in ancient Baybayin alphabet are visibly seen as well as the watermark of the portrait and denomination of the printed bills. The 20 and 50 peso bills have also embedded a 2mm wide security threads that can be revealed when tilted.

4.Do not underestimate the power of moneydetectors!

Distinguishing counterfeit money is now easy with the use of affordable money detectors. The latest bank notes have security fibers in all denominations that turn red and blue under ultraviolet light.