Learn the great way to earn more for your savings! Luzon Development Bank (LDB) introduces SAVE MAX, the newest savings account with maximum benefits and maximum savings.

SAVE MAX has a higher interest rate on certain average daily balance versus a regular savings account. The minimum opening amount is only P1000 and for just P10,000 average daily balance, you can now start earning from P1000 up to P9,999 interest as you build up your savings!

The higher ADB, the higher interest you will gain with SAVE MAX.

Plus, it also comes with the convenience of an ATM Card! Take advantage of its unlimited withdrawal transactions with no hidden fees!

SAVE MAX is the best savings account for students, young professionals "yuppies" or family members of OFWs.

Prosperity begins by saving the earliest so think ahead of your future! Visit our LDB branches to get your own SAVE MAX savings account now.

Let's Do Business, Save and earn to the Max!