Social Security System or SSS is very important to any Filipino working from a private company, self-employed, overseas Filipino worker or just a simple household service worker. The member is entitled to several benefits including retirement, maternity, sick and more. It is as important as any insurance to keep our SSS monthly contributions consistently paid to ensure that we will be entitled for benefits.
May we share with you the schedule of payment:

SSS Monthly Payment Deadlines for Voluntary Members, Self Employed and Employers

Month Deadline Last SSS No. 1-2 Last SSS No. 3-4 Last SSS No. 5-6 Last SSS No. 7-8 Last SSS No. 9-0
January February 10 15 20 25 last day
February March 10 15 20 25 last day
March April 10 15 20 25 last day
April May 10 15 20 25 last day
May June 10 15 20 25 last day
June July 10 15 20 25 last day
July August 10 15 20 25 last day
August September 10 15 20 25 last day
September October 10 15 20 25 last day
October November 10 15 20 25 last day
November December 10 15 20 25 last day
December January (ff year) 10 15 20 25 last day
Example of paying SSS premiums applying the above information: Let’s say your SSS Number is 0123345789 (note: this is just an example number) and you will be paying your August premium. The deadline is on September 30th. If you were late on payment, you’d be paying penalty fees so you must pay before the deadline associated with your SSS Number.
Note: If the deadline falls on Saturday, Sunday or Holiday, the member will be allowed to pay the following day.

SSS Quarterly Payment Deadlines for Voluntary and Self Employed Members

  • First Quarter: (Jan, Feb, March) deadline of SSS contribution payments is on April
  • Second Quarter: (April, May, June) deadline of SSS payments is on July
  • Third Quarter: (July, Aug, Sept) deadline of SSS payments is on October
  • Fourth Quarter: (Oct, Nov, Dec) deadline is on January of the following year

Note: See the last digit number of your SSS Number and check the applicable deadline following the pattern on the above table

SSS Contribution Payments Deadline for OFWs

  • Jan – Dec contributions – anytime during the applicable year of contribution
  • Oct – Dec contributions – can be paid until January 31 of the following year
Disclaimer : LDB is an accredited bayad center accepting payments for SSS contributions. SSS is so important to any employee and so is retirement to everyone thus we shared this post so no one will miss paying their contributions. For any personal queries about your SSS account, contact any SSS branch near you or visit them personally.  Thank you!