From its birth in 1961, at Calamba, Laguna, the Luzon Development Bank (LDB) has not lost the sense of success, instead, it is getting productive through the years by giving birth to more branches in Luzon. This continuous success brings LDB to its identity now from the old name Laguna Development Bank.

Success has required LDB to operate in a more competitive banking platform. To do this, LDB has to come up with the best partner to address its needs and to cope up with the endless growth of technology. After series of comparison and data gathering, it has finally found the right full ICT (information and communications technology) partner in PLDT Alpha Enterprise.

LDB’s partnership with PLDT Alpha Enterprise was formalized through a recent contract signing ceremony after two years of working for the plan to materialize. And since most branches are located in remote areas, the scope of services and coverage that’s to be provided by PLDT was a top concern by everyone involved in the project. But despite the challenges, PLDT laid out its full-pledged support in all the banking endeavors of LDB.


‘’We came to the conclusion that PLDT Alpha Enterprise was the partner that could best address our needs,’’ says our LDB SVP/Chief Operating Officer Norman V.C Aycocho.
PLDT Eric Alberto, Jovy Hernandez, Norman Aycocho, Jeff TantiadoFrom left to right: PLDT Executive Vice President and ePLDT President & CEO Mr.Eric Alberto, PLDT FVP and Head of PLDT ALPHA Enterprise and Smart Enterprise Mr. Jovy Hernandez, SVP/Chief Operating Officer of LDB, Mr. Norman Aycocho, LDB Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Jeff Tantiado.
Photo Credit: PLDT ALPHA

In return, PLDT FVP and Head of PLDT Alpha Enterprise and Smart Enterprise Jovy Hernandez, appreciates the development that LDB has done, seeing potentials in smaller banks. With that, he was thankful for the trust and confidence given by LDB to them.

‘Rural banks can ably compete against larger banks by leveraging on technology as a great leveler.’ This encouraging statement by PLDT Executive Vice President and ePLDT President and CEO Eric Alberto provides LDB an essential guide to achieve more in the banking industry.

PLDT Alpha Enterprise is one of the country’s ICT partners building a communication enterprise through its Voice, Broadband, Data Center, Cloud Computing, Managed IT and Wireless Solutions.