Here are things you should consider before and while driving in the middle of the rains and wet roads:



Your tires are your first line of defense; it should be taken serious care especially when the roads are getting slippery. Keep the right amount of inflation on your car tires. If the tire becomes poorly-inflated or with lower pressure, you may loss control over your car while driving.


There are tires in the market that have “wear bars” that could tell you when your tread goes to a federal minimum of 1.6mm.

Tire change

Safe Driving

Drive slowly

Have you ever seen a gritty rainbow film on the road? That’s oil and grime built up over the days and leaked from cars, do not pass by it especially when you’re approaching fast because it’s slippery. When you’re driving fast on rainy day, there is a greater chance that you hit the car ahead of you when you slip off the road.

Keep distance

When it rains, there are more mishaps that could happen that needs more decision-making. Give yourself room to swerve or brake during emergency situations. You’re way too close if you can’t see the car in front of the car in front of you.

Brakes attention

When you really need to pass through a deep, flooded area, squeeze your brake pedal until you feel them bite slightly then go on holding it while moving.

Proper Lights

Low beams

Turn on your daytime running lights or low beams. If visibility gets low, turn on your rear fog lights as well.

High beams

Don’t use your high beams because it will just dazzle other drivers.

Hazard lights

Only use your hazard lights when you think you can no longer drive with the flow of traffic, meaning you’re a ‘hazard’ to others. If you can keep up, keep your hazard lights off. If you push that red triangle button even when you’re still able to drive normally, you’re giving wrong (or no) signal to drivers on which direction you’re turning which can be dangerous.

Knowing what to do on the road while raining helps you, the pedestrian and your fellow drivers. Share this information and let other car-owners what to do during this season.