Savings Consciousness Week: “May asenso sa pag-iimpok sa bangko”

Saving money should be an obligation, and not just an option. To start the journey of a practical life, people should deposit their savings on BSP accredited banks like the Luzon Development Bank. Most people are not aware of banks’ vital role on not just individuals but to the community as well. Thus, LDB feels the need to share few important roles that banks play in the lives of people, economy and the whole country.

BSP declared that June 30 to July 6, 2016 to be the “Savings Consciousness Week” with a theme of May Asenso sa Pag-iimpok sa Bangko. This is to vigorously promote the value of saving and self-sufficiency.

Well, how exactly does your savings, give life to the economy as well?

Banks are where you can safely deposit your hard-earned income. It guarantees that the money deposited will be protected from risks and dangers than by only keeping it to yourself. Banks grant loans to credit worthy people and companies which would be useful to start a business, buy a home or just for investments.

If you save on banks, you are securing a better future. Your money earns interest. You also help the economy grow and be vibrant by letting your money circulate and be useful to the society. After all, you aren’t losing anything at the end of the day. It’s a win-win situation for the people, the bank, and the economy. What’s more truthful to say other than… seriously, “May asenso sa pag-iimpok sa bangko.”