Instapay is the fastest way to transfer money from a different bank or e-wallet to your LDB deposit account. This facility is available 24/7 all-year round and the transferred amount gets credited instantly to your account.

Skip the queue at LDB branches just to fund your checking account or the ADA account linked to your LDB loan. You'll skip filling out the deposit slip, too!

Here's a few things to remember:

  • Each Instapay fund transfer transaction has a maximum amount of Php50,000. If you need to transfer a larger amount, split it into two or more transfers.
  • There is no limit on the number of Instapay transactions that your LDB account can receive.
  • LDB will not charge you any fee for incoming Instapay fund transfers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register to be able to use Instapay?
You don't need to register to start enjoying the convenience of fund transfers via Instapay. As long as you have an active deposit account with LDB (except time deposit), it can receive funds from other Instapay-participating banks/institutions.
Which banks currently offer Instapay?
Check out the latest list from this site.
Will I be charged any fee for using Instapay?
LDB does not charge its customers for Instapay transactions. However, the originating bank/e-wallet operator may charge a minimal fee to the sender of the fund transfer.
What do I need to initiate a transfer to my LDB account?
Just provide your Account Name and your 11-digit LDB account number to the sender.

If your account number has 14 digits that starts with "011", do not include these first 3 digits.
Are Instapay transfers credited in real-time?
LDB credits the destination account in near real-time and it happens usually within seconds.
Are there limits for Instapay transactions?
Person-to-person (P2P) fund transfers have an amount limit of Php50,000 per transaction. However, there is no limit in the number of transactions that an LDB account can receive.
How do I check if the transferred amount has been credited to my LDB account?
You may check your latest account balances through ATMs, BancNet Online, or at any of LDB branches.
Stay tuned for announcements as LDB will soon launch a mobile app for this purpose.
Who should I contact in case I have inquiries or complaints about an Instapay transaction?
Call us at (02) 8779-6080 local 1018 or send an email to
Where can I get more information about Instapay?
Please refer to the official website of Instapay here.